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Welcome to Allambie Koolies breeders of working Australian Koolies

Qld Registered Breeder No: BIN0000131133812

At Allambie Koolies we have been breeding Koolies since 2006 and have been registered breeders with the Koolie Club of Australia since then!!  as of 2016 our dogs are also registered with the German Coolie World Registry. We are located on a small property  near Malanda North Queensland where we run a small herd of cattle, boer and crossbred goats and dorper sheep and the odd duck or two to train our Koolies on and keep them happy.  Our Koolies are for both work and pleasure, they are at home either in the paddocks working cattle or relaxing around the patio. 

When we do have a litter of puppies, they are raised around the house, are well socialised and interact closely with our day to day lives.  Some aspects of 'puppy culture' have been integrated into our daily interactions with our pups to help them develop a better outgoing personality.  They are wormed fortnightly, vet checked at six weeks for any health issues, have received their first vaccination, are microchipped, registered with the Koolie Club of Australia.  


In the selection of our dogs, we have concentrated on our dog's work ability, it is extremely important that our dogs show a strong work ethic that is desirable in our work team.  They need good health, confirmation, personality and stamina.  Koolies are primarily herding dogs and will work any livestock (sheep, goats, cattle, ducks etc), however, they also make great active lifestyle dogs for service and sports.  They are extremely intelligent, agile and trainable and have gentle, affectionate personalities making them a great choice for a family, however, it must be understood that Koolies are very active and required lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  We currently have Koolie bloodlines from TNT, Hunterslea, Tjukurpa, Sheringa, Brescot, Silhouette and our own.

2016 has seen us go down the path of DNA testing!! well hasn't that been interesting.  We have used the KCA recommended DNA company Orivet and also Embark in the US.  Copies of the health results are displayed on our website, a few of our dogs have returned a "carrier" result.  This does not mean that the dogs are diseased, Carriers will never be affected by the gene that they have inherited and will not produce affected puppies as long as they are bred to clear parents, it is worth noting that when breeding a carrier with a clear parent approximately 50% of the puppies could be born carriers.  


For this reason all litters from carrier parents will be litter tested prior to sale or sold as non-breeding work or pets. DNA testing of our dogs has enabled us to do our part in eradicating genetic testable diseases in the Koolie breed.   Unfortunately, there will always be some diseases that they have no marker for and unfortunately there isn't much we can do about detecting untestable diseases

Ultimately in the future, only clear dna tested dogs will be used in our breeding program. 

We only breed when there are sufficient orders (two or three litters per year) and sometimes have started pups available.  Should you purchase one of our Koolies and if for any reason it doesn’t work out, they are more then welcome to return to us for rehoming, so once assessed, occasionally we will have an adult or young pup to rehome in a suitable home.

We use and recommend Dogtainers transport and are able to provide a quotation and organise for transport for pups both Australia wide and overseas.

We mainly have red short coat Koolies that are suitable to our hotter climate, however, we have recently included a few black merles to the team as well!!

Contact us at or 0488968470

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